How it all started

I began my journey in cooking when I was 23 years old. My husband loves desserts very much, so I started experimenting and looking for something new to surprise him. I have researched a lot of culinary books in search of the best recipes, viewed a lot of videos on Youtube and, of course, hundreds of sites on the Internet. I wanted to cook better and better. My husband was happy. But I wanted more. Unfortunately, it often happened that the new recipe didn’t succeed. I wished that everything was always perfect. So I started looking for the best dessert idea.

Friends often asked me to share with them a recipe. I sent it to them and thought about making a place where everyone can read my recipe and prepare something really tasty for the family.

I had a dream about my own blog, where I could honestly tell about my cooking experience and share the best recipes with the world.

How to start a food blog? What should a person who has an idea know? How to correctly implement creative ideas?

About Me Page Photo | Cook And Dance
About Me Photo | Cook And Dance

Step 1. Find out exactly what you like

Often, we need to see something to understand what we want. I read cookie recipes from many bloggers and imagined how I could bake it. I thought that it would be better to make cookies much more delicious.

I immediately decided that I want a blog with baking and desserts. For me, these dishes have always been associated with a real holiday. Even when I baked my tenth cake, it was also a holiday for me. My personal holiday.

Step 2. Set a goal and go to it

When I decided on the idea of a blog, I began to think about its structure. I knew I wanted to not just write recipes, I want to share my impressions about cooking movies and shows, write reviews on cooking books, communicate with other food bloggers.

I often listen to music when I cook, so I decided to add my own playlists to the blog so you could have fun too. From here came the name of my blog - Cook And Dance.

There is also a section about kitchen details. I could not pass through such an important place for every cook like a kitchen, where all magic takes place.

Step 3. Get ready for hard work

Any idea requires perseverance and your energy. If you are a food blogger, then you should also be:

  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Photographer
  • Marketer

You must constantly learn and develop yourself, know all the trends and generate new ideas. It's also good when someone from your family can help you. My husband is happy to photograph me and my desserts, and then with more pleasure tastes its. Think about which of your friends has good marketing knowledge, it will also be useful for your food blog.

Step 4. Have fun

I know that a food blogger always has a lot of things to do, but do not forget why you decide to start your blog. Because you love it. Because this is your hobby or the business of your life. Have you become happier? Your dream has become reality. Read the grateful reviews of people who cook your recipes. You add happiness to their lives. Do not stop, cook and dance!

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Read my blog, use my pieces of advice in your kitchen and cook with pleasure! It's much easier and more interesting than it may seem at first glance. Don’t be afraid to experiment!