My inspiration: Food blogger Linda Lomelino

Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite food bloggers. It’s Linda Lomelino. She has her own style in food and she is an amazing food photographer, an author of 4 cooking books. I can read her blog all day and all night. If I need an inspiration I always come to her blog “Call me cupcake”.

Linda Lomelino's Cupcakes
Linda Lomelino's Muffins

She combined two main passions in her work: pastry and photography, and became one of the world’s main trendsetter in food photography. Her style is completely unique and easily recognizable: she often decorates cakes and pastries with fresh flowers, uses wooden props or backgrounds and often prefers dark tones in photos.

Linda Lomelino's cake

Linda’s hometown is a small place on the Swedish coast, in which she now lives. Before she started baking, Linda worked in a clothing store, was engaged in drawing, sewed clothes and blogged about fashion. In 2009 she made cupcakes and photographed its, and then immediately started a culinary blog. Photos she studied only in high school, but this process Linda quickly carried away. Linda works, according to her own stories, very spontaneously: she never knows how exactly the cake will be decorated or which frame eventually will turn out. But it’s true masterpieces, isn’t it?

Linda Lomelino's pies

Linda has already released 4 cookbooks, the first of which were translated into several languages (in the original, they are in Swedish). On Amazon, you can order an English version of her debut book “Lomelino’s Cakes” with 27 recipes of beautiful cakes, as well as “Lomelino’s Ice Cream” with 79 variants of ice cream. In the book “Sweet Food & Photography” she shares the secrets of decorating and styling food and the principles of successful photography of desserts.

linda lomelino book
linda lomelino book

Linda sometimes shares promotional videos of her books, where you can see how she creates this beauty.

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